Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Vintage Tablescape

I have been floating around Instagram for awhile now, but just recently became addicted (with a capital A) to following home styling pages.  There are so many creative ingenious decor posts – it really makes me want to go on one heck of a shopping spree.  I can’t believe that my husband would mind, I mean I’m pretty darn sure a super purrty home is high on his priority list.  Okay, okay fine, since I can’t go on a shopping spree and since I know I already have good things, especially good vintage things, I will just have to content myself with a bit of rearranging. 
I always drool over a nice looking table, they say we eat with our eyes first and I believe it.  So when one of the pages I follow posted a #countyhouse challenge, focused on table settings, I just had to take part.  I am not as fancy or as crafty as I would like - but give me an iron and dusting mitt and I'll make something happen.  By the way, I think fresh flowers make just about anything look good and especially when you put them in something out of the ordinary and vintage! 



After I lovingly set up my pretty little table and cleaned up my messes, I sent a quick photo to my mom who then said, “Oh dear, I have been lax in teaching you proper table etiquette.”  She went on to say that the fork and the napkin go to the left of the plate, while the knife and spoon go to the right.  Who would have guessed that I was a table etiquette loser?  We had a good giggle about it and then I took a few more photos. 

My table setting is all vintage except for the tall candleholders, and it all came from either a garage sale or a secondhand or antique store.  That's how I roll.   Hold the horses!  Those white plates on the very bottom were my mother's.  She acquired them from Albertson's grocery store piece by piece, and at some point I stole them from her fair and square. 

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