Thursday, September 24, 2015

Our Garden In 2015

I am pretty sure I get my love of gardening from my mother who has one heck of a green thumb.  Her flower beds are always striking and one of these years I hope to match her talent around here. This year I am pretty darn satisfied with how it all turned out.  Here is a look at my garden in 2015.  

This year I decided to get a little crazy and grow some unique goodies.  I ordered birdhouse gourd seeds as well as Jarrahdal and Red Warty Thing pumpkin seeds.  I can’t tell you how much fun it has been watching them grow, and am already wondering what I should try next year.  Please feel free to share your suggestions - I am all ears!

While my oddball items turned out well, I had some failures in my regular garden - you know, the one that actually matters.  Odd how that works.  Even though I have complained and fretted all summer about not getting tomatoes, we finally have some.  I have been picking and canning away - not as much as I would like, but enough to put some away for the winter.


When I think garden I typically think about vegetables, but we just can’t leave out the flowers.  I’m pretty sure my front flower bed would make my mother proud; it just has to be the best year yet.  Zinnias, daisies and cone flowers, oh my!

Every garden needs a bit of garden art so this spring I managed to get a bit crafty with a friend.  We are both addicted to Pinterest where it’s pretty easy to find a million and one ideas; the hard part is picking one or two to do.  We ended up crafting celling fan dragonflies and barn wood American flags, because every yard needs them.   

And that is my spring and summer in a nutshell.  I wonder what next year will bring.  How were your gardening adventures this year?
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