Friday, February 27, 2015

Finding the right Spring Chicks

‘Tis the season for spring chicks and I have been on the hunt.  I visited two local feed stores. The first had beautiful baby chicks, just not the right ones for me.  The second made my heart twitterpate.
If you follow the chicken community you will understand the differences between: Ameraucana and “Americana” (ahem) i.e. Easter Eggers.  I asked the very young man at the counter if he knew which breed these beautiful girls were, he said they are Americans... and they lay blue eggs.   I said sold.   In reality, the actual egg is the only thing that truly matters to me, no matter the color.  These girls are without a doubt Easter Eggers, and we shall enjoy them.
Here is a lovely post by Fresh Eggs Daily about the differences in blue/green egg laying chickens: