Monday, July 7, 2014

Waste Not, Want Not - Dehydrating Watermelon

Waste not want not… a quote often used by dear ol’ Dad.
I’m sure a few of us can recall those childhood days when an uneaten lunch plate magically reappeared at supper time... Eventually the offending dish would be forced down, or you would sit crossing your fingers, hoping Mom would take pity on you and sneak it away… Good ol' Ma!
Even though we may have a few sour memories associated with “waste not want not,” it’s not all bad - I promise! Dehydrating watermelon is easy and a great way to cut back on waste.
Did I mention it’s tasty too?

How I break down watermelon:
Cut it in half (lengthwise on the above photo)
Cut one inch thick slices
Slice rind away - leaving a large square section of melon intact
Stack up those squares and make 3 equal sized slices

(Don't waste those discarded pieces - nibble away or feed your chickens!)
Place hand on each stack, using a sharp knife, slice each piece into 1/4 inch thickness
Place in your dehydrator 135 degrees F.
The thickness of your strips will determine how long - approximately 12 hours
Today I sprinkled on Himalayan Pink Salt - this is optional
The final product... it wont last long!


  1. Would love to see an after picture. :)

  2. You are amazing and very talented! I bet the melon pieces taste great! We ate watermelon all the time growing up. My Mom loved to put salt on her watermelon! Great post with neat photos explaining the process.

  3. Salted watermelon is a favorite around here, thanks Sheila!