Friday, June 6, 2014

The Chick Inn - Part 1

It seems that we are always up to something exciting and this year is no different. It took me a while to bring my husband around to the idea of having backyard chickens, once he agreed, we jumped into the project whole heartedly.
Full steam ahead!

You know I had to have something unique, no square coop would work for me...
We started designing/building over the winter. 
No standard nest box was going to do the trick either...
 I pondered a few design ideas and finally came up with this: 
~The Grand Entrance~
Enter Spring:
Time to figure out where it will go and how to make it sturdy.
We have a plethora of wildlife in our area so this needs to be a job well done. We placed hardware cloth under all pavers and fence areas to help prevent digging in.
~Working out the kinks~
Before we knew it our chicks had arrived and our coop was not complete :/
Time to crack the whip!
To be continued:
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  1. I was lucky enough to see this amazing "Chick Inn" this afternoon and I truly enjoyed my personal tour! It is just so darn cute and beautifully shows off a very clever design? Let's not forget the chicks, which are just adorable. Good luck chicks!

    1. Thank you Shelia, I look forward to enjoying the chicks for years to come and will share as things grow and change. I hope you will stop in again sometime. Brandy