Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rotating Canned Food System - DIY

I suffer from a little known syndrome called
"tosmalluspantry" and another called "organizeritis."
One day while surfing pinterest I came across a DIY rotating shelf photo: (Inspiration post here)
Right away I knew it was just what I needed.
I starting talking with my oh so handy hubby and we began making a plan.
First things first:
We needed to decide for our limited space what cans we would like for our system, 
not all cans are created equal.
For instance Hunt's is just a bit taller than Kruner's etc.
Then we had to figure out width of cans and boards we would use for our vertical separators.
 At this point I realized the amount of space we have is not going to allow for much variety - thus we decided to do a two tier system.
Supplies used so far:
We cut to fit our back board 48" tall by 44 1/4" wide
Can lip or roll out = 1"x4" and 1" x 2" cut to fit
Vertical separators = 1"x4" x 4' or 8' cut to fit
we also trimmed to 3" wide
decorative trim to hold cans in place
A quick check to make sure our 1 x 2 and trim would be adequate to hold our cans in place
Works great!
Now for the rest of our trim and some small knock outs from left overs
Time to paint, hang and   


Update 2014: Still loving it!